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Starting over with Tryis


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Last time I played Tyris was v4 (no TOB content). I just got a new hard drive and a new antivirus (Norton instead of McAfee, which didn't protect my old hard drive when I needed it to). Because of what happened to the old hard drive, I never even got all the way through SOA with Tyris. So this new version is perfectly timed.



Why am I telling you guys all this? Simple. I download the BG games from gog.com and am about to go download BG2/TOB from them right now. Now that I'm on Win7 instead of Vista, I'm told I should shut off my antivirus to download mods. Is it true? And if so....see, I'm new to Norton, and after what happened to my old hard drive under McAfee I'm very leery of new problems. So! How does one turn norton's antivirus off, then back on?

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I've never had any problems downloading mods using Norton, so leave it on.


The one issue with installing mods on Windows 7, is that it doesn't like the Program Files directory, so I'd suggest installing in a seperate Games directory or some such. Basically anything but Program Files.

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