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Hello everyone,


I wonder if it is possible\easy to give the Baldurs Gate GUI an overhaul.

I am a Graphical Artist and would love to make such a mod. Problem is that I have no clue about how the Infinety engine works or how to mod it.


So I decided that before I even try to dive into all that, it would be wise to ask the experts first about help analysises and everything else that might help me .

My wish is an Interface that fully supports the Widescreen and gives the Information in a slightly/drasticly better way.


Everything that could help me is very appriciated. Everything.


From a tip, suggestions, links to guides to helping me to do the programming of the mod.




Below are some very fast SKETCHES. Thats only for delivering my idea. Those Pictures are in every way unfinished and nothing that I would use.







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I suppose it should be possible, but what happens if someone isn't using a widescreen display?


There are a handful of GUI mods (LadeJarl's TutuGUI (on pocketplane.net) and Kwiat_W's W_GUI (on shsforums.net). Might want to look at how they work.

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Thanks Miloch,


the thing is, that both of those Mods are "still" in a form factor of 4x3 and does show the Information in the same way.


My intention is, to take the advantages of Widescreen and higher resolution into account.

So yes this would make it necessary to use the Widescreen mod.

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Okay i began to dive a little into it.


I found all GUI picture parts in the BAM and MOS files.

How does the engine know where to place which picture?


I guess it has something to do with the CHU files but that cant be everything.

Are there Script files or anything where the behavior and position are, on pressing that button, loading save x or on pressing that button initiate Level up Interface?


Also how does the engine know where to place which information like Character Experiance, Saving throws etc_

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Sorry for the posting constantly in a row, but it looks like I cant edit my posts above.



Okay I found out a lot, like:

BAM files contain the Buttons

MOS files contain the Backgrounds

CHU files contain the information and Position of the Buttons


So far so good :-)



But now I got stuck. So here are some questions:



1.) I can´t run or install MOSworkshop, get the error: "Error 0 running command Setup.exe" on the downloaded MOSW1007.exe file from http://www.sorcerers.net/Games/IEmodding/index.php Other links are not working for me.

2.) I can´t run or install MOSUtil, I get the error: "Could not run Setup.exe, file from http://www.sorcerers.net/Games/IEmodding/index.php Other links are not working for me.


But I need a tool to edit the mos files. Any idea why those Self extracting things not work for me? I am on Windows 7 64bit and have the latest WinRAR and 7zip

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I would use DLTCEP (on this site or sourceforge) to edit .mos files - those other tools are much older and not maintained anymore. But you can play around with them and see what works best. I think there was also a .mos Photoshop plug-in - maybe you can get it on sorcerers.net or something. Used to be on teambg.eu but that has been down for some time (hmm someone should ask igi if he can mirror the content somewhere before he disappears again).


If you're not familiar with the IESDP (also on this site) it would be a good idea to look at it, as it describes all the game file formats.


A cursory web search suggests that error means you may need to disable antivirus and/or get an update for Windows Installer.

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I don't know, haven't tried it myself. Plenty of others have, but I haven't heard of anyone actually finishing bgt in gemrb yet.


It's more likely to break, since it includes so many mods with bugs of their own.

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