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Differences between PartyHasItem() and HasItem()


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I want to make sure a script detects a certain item in my possession, be it in an inventory slot, equipped or somewhere deep within my bags.


Which method is more reliable?



  HasItem("MYITEM", Player1)
  HasItem("MYITEM", Player2)
  HasItem("MYITEM", Player3)
  HasItem("MYITEM", Player4)
  HasItem("MYITEM", Player5)
  HasItem("MYITEM", Player6)

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They should do the same thing, meaning 1 line of code is preferable to 7, no?

Good point. I was hoping there would be a difference, because in some of my past walkthroughs where I had the Item Upgrade mod installed, Cromwell didn't always detect some of my components. I think they used HasPartyItem() in their scripts.

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