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followed the instructions to the letter and have installed gemRB on my phone and copied over buldurs gate 1, the game won't run it just crashes at the start. is there anything i could check or is there a more detailed list of instructions or a filled gemRB.cfg file i could look at.


please help

android samsung galaxy s


have the aLogcat, but im not really sure how to upload anything

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I posted my filled gemRb.cfg in this thread. (I also use the Samsung galaxy s)


You use the aLogcat like this:

  1. Press the Menu-Button and enter a Filter-Keyword (I used "gemrb")
  2. Make shure aLogcat is running (Play - Pause - Button)
  3. Then press the middle Hardware-Button to return to Homescreen (leaves aLogcat running)
  4. Then start gemRB and use it until it crashes
  5. Then re-enter aLogcat. It should have recorded some data now.
  6. In aLogcat you can use the Menu > Save-Button to save the recorded data as a .txt file
  7. Then you can copy and paste the Information of this .txt file and post it here :)

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you need to use the correct resolution for your screen or it will either have a black border somewhere, broken or stretched. Don't forget to set the resolution in the config after applying widescreen.

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I don't recommend using widescreen mod on the Galaxy S. When I used it, the character-portraits on the right hand side were gone ...

That's probably because it was set to too wide, or something like that.

With the correct screen dimensions set in widescreen AND GemRB, this wouldn't have happened.

Before you ask: i don't know what are the correct screen dimensions on your phone :)

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