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iwd2 area unknowns

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These are not really unknown, just missed from IESDP


0xd4 - map note offset

0xd8 - map note count

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Actually, this flag exists in BG2 too.


In region flag: 0x20 - Active only in tutorial state.


iwd2 has no 'no npc may pass this region' flag. Which is normally at 0x200

Instead, iwd2 has the 'alternative point' flag in this place (which is normally at 0x400).

I hate when they do this :(

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The creature header (iwd2):

00000000 _area_creature  struc ; (sizeof=0x110)
00000000 label		   varname ?
00000020 posX			dw ?
00000022 posY			dw ?
00000024 destX		   dw ?
00000026 destY		   dw ?
00000028 flags		   dd ?
0000002C bSpawned		dw ?
0000002E letter		  db ?
0000002F field_2F		db ?
00000030 anim			dd ?
00000034 orientation	 dd ?
00000038 timetolive	  dd ?
0000003C distance		dw ?
0000003E distfromobj	 dw ?
00000040 schedule		dd ?
00000044 numtimestalked  dd ?
00000048 dialog		  resref ?
00000050 scr_override	resref ?
00000058 scr_special3	resref ?
00000060 scr_special2	resref ?
00000068 scr_combat	  resref ?
00000070 scr_movement	resref ?
00000078 scr_team		resref ?
00000080 crefile		 resref ?
00000088 offset		  dd ?
0000008C size			dd ?
00000090 scr_special1	resref ?
00000098 field_98		dd 30 dup(?)


Notable changes:

the saved first char of the resref is not a word (at 0x2e)

correct name for scripts

special1 script is saved in the area (only in iwd2)

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From the creature area flags the following bits are set in the creature's mc_flags:

2 - seen party (0x10000)

4 - invulnerable (0x20000)

8 - enabled (0x8000)

You can see the mc_flag definitions in creareafl.ids


0x2f does something, but i don't know what, if it has the wrong value, the creature is not loaded.

It is compared to the area difficulty, so i guess, it is also a difficulty level (bitfield).

Creature enabled on:

1 - area difficulty 1

2 - area difficulty 2

4 - area difficulty 3

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