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Immunity to Kill() action?

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I'm using a modified MinHP1 item in combination with a scripted death for my creature. But now I've encountered a situation which uses the Kill("creature") action and I have no idea how to handle it (it's the demogorgon sacrifice in the underdark). The only way to prevent it for now is to modify the demogorgon trigger script and exclude my creature, but I'd like to avoid hacks like that.


Is there a way to make a creature immune to this script action?

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I don't think so. You could try immunity to effect: death, since death code often goes through there IIRC, but Kill() may ignore it too (it actually used to not work through minimum HP effects, but they changed it in ToB to kill you anyway).

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I've tested protection from every possible death opcode I could find, but unfortunately, Kill() isn't covered by any of them.


As some kind of work-around I'm now using the Die() trigger to resurrect my creature immediately after his death. This doesn't prevent his death animation to play, but it will not break my scripts. A quick search in NI listed only three potential Kill() actions which could affect my creature, so this will do at the moment.

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