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Alternate portrait for Aklon?


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Hello! I know Aklon isn't released yet, but when you near open beta I was planning to make an alternative portrait for him. It is part of a mini quest I am currently running entitled "remove multiple incarnations of Jude Law from the portrait modding scene." I just have to recommend The Fist of God as a model because When God Wants to Punch Someone He Sends Lasko, but really I am open to any non Jude Law suggestions, particularly from the mod author. Examples of my portrait work can be found here. Please, give me suggestions about what or who he should look like! :-)


Cheers and keep on truckin' :-)

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Thanks for the offer, Enkida, you do good portrait work and let's face it, Aklon is Jude Law. :D


I never really had anyone specific in mind for Aklon's look, we just found a suitable picture and went with it. But Lasko looks to be of about the right general shape I had in mind, someone thin of face, the presence of slightly angular cheekbones and jaw, so he'd be a fine model if you wanted to work with him. Other than that, blue eyes and blonde hair in a pony tail, and relatively simple garb to wear (linen shirt and leather jerkin as here), but I'm happy for you to get a bit creative, no point having an alternative portrait if it looks exactly like the original, after all.

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