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SCS and mega-modifications


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Okay, since there was some confusion earlier, I would like to ask: in what order do you actually install mods?


I would like to give a try to the mega-modification (installing as much content mods as possible with BGfix/SCS as balance tweaks).


I am going to follow this for the popular "mega" mods, because I can't find any newer reference. It's quite old so if I'm missing something please let me know.


Apart from the mods mentioned there, I will probably install: d0questpack, unfinished business and all other great mods I can get my hands on.


Should I install SCS AFTER all of that? (I will be using BGT mod). or before something?


I am asking since I noticed that even though usually the game handles multiple mods well, there is often a specific order required for things to work.



And I know it's not a question for this board, but I will ask anyway: I noticed d0questpack and banterpack don't work too well together (the names of the new characters from d0questpack were replaced by new banters from banterpack... ugh). Is there any specific order so I can make them work together?

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I get the sense that you are not yet familiar with the Big World Project. Read up on it, download the pdf (here), and all will be made clear (well, sorta). Once you have downloaded and extracted the mods that you want, BWP will install them all for you, and in the best possible order. As for SCS and SCSII, certain components should be installed earlier, others later, depending on your other mods. But the BWP install.bat will handle all that for you.

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