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BG1UB Blackwood children quest + Gavin


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Hey, so far i'm enjoying the Gavin mod, he's a nice, believable guy who blends well into the FR setting.


One thing I thought I'd throw out there is that a certain mod-added quest for BG1 - I believe it comes from BG1 Unfinished Business - adds the opportunity to babysit a woman's children in Nashkel. Her name is Mrs. Blackwood and her children are Sarah and Tom. I don't want to spoil the quest here for anyone who hasn't done it yet, but it's cute and basically involves babysitting, not combat.


I just wanted to throw out there that it would be interesting if Gavin could actually recognize that since...




being a parent is such a big part of his personal story. More spoilerishly, the Blackwood quest is about your PC being overwhelmed by the trials and tribulations of babysitting small children, so I thought it kind of sad that Gavin didn't step in and save your butt a few times, since this is his area of expertise in the party. ;-)




Just throwing it out there as an idea. I look forward to playing more of this mod. :-)

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I recognized the quest. At the time Gavin was released, neither BGQE nor a Tutu-compatible BG1 UB was out. But there's no reason (apart from laziness, lack of time, and a reluctance to version-up) not to go ahead and add crossmod now.


It's definitely something to think about if the Crossmod Banter Pack ever decides to incude a Tutu/BGT component.

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