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FW: Released - New,slim line G-Series

Guest Seifer

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Yovaneth takes great pleasure in dusting off a large pile of well-worn, well-used scripts and presenting them for your gaming pleasure (or otherwise!!). These are for BG1, BG2:SoA and IWD1 only.


They are based on the very, very powerful gSeries party co-operation scripts developed by Sarkyn for SoA and adapted by Yovaneth to fit BG1 and IWD1. In addition, there is also the hard work done by After5CST to strip down the original gSeries into the smaller, faster Slim-gSeries. There are also new Slim-gSeries co-operation scripts to work with Chloe, Keto and Kelsey. Source code and ids files are also available.


Find them here.

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