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Is there a fix to lingering song exploit for IWD2?


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Hello, everyone.


There is an exploit in IWD2 that allows bards to stack song bonuses indefinitely. Once the singing is interrupted, the lingering song feat kicks in, and adds the bonuses of the interrupted song for 2 rounds on top of everything else. The exploit can not be avoided, it will occur whether one wants to abuse it or not.


I wonder if there is a fix or a workaround for the issue? My first thought was about something like 'Immunity Spell' effect from Near Infinity. Two of them were already in place, and they are applied to types 50 and 66 (50 are 'not allies' and 66 are 'dead'). I wonder how I can make my own party immune to the duplicate effects of the spell. Unsurprisingly, setting 'apply to type' to 0 with the duration of 7 seconds (like all other effects) does prevent stacking, but it also prevents the song from working every other round and the lingering song feat does nothing.


Any ideas?


Perhaps the files could be modified in such a way, that once the bard takes the feat, he gets access to songs that last 3 rounds (the result should be essentially the same). Is this possible?

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