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A recurrent Error upon extraction

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Hello all,

I bid you greetings.

I have been experiencing an issue with numerous mods here, Yasreana, and a kit my good friend is working on. I keep getting a message when I try to extract using winrar, and 7-zip. This is an example(albeit shortened) from my friend's Sensate Kit when I tried to extract it using winrar

" ! C:\Users\Owner\Documents\BG files\Sharess.rar: Cannot create backup\^_^.txt ! The system cannot find the path specified. ! C:\Users\Owner\Documents\BG files\Sharess.rar: Cannot create LDKGRCAA.bam ! Access is denied. ! C:\Users\Owner\Documents\BG files\Sharess.rar: Cannot create LDKGRCAB.BAM ! Access is denied. ! "


I have gotten similar messages while trying to install Kivan, Yasreana, and a few G3 mods in particular. This is rather depressing, particularly when I'm supposed to assist my friend by testing his kit. Any advice given would be beautiful.



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"Access denied" errors are usually admin problems when using Win7 and similar non-user-friendly hybrids (aka Windows Vista or even XP SP 3).


Try using 7-zip to extract them, and try doing it to some other folder. Should also be able to extract .rar files or .exe files packaged as .rar files (i.e. most mods here).

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