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Adding voice to NPC


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Since is my first mod and the first version of it, I'm trying to use the Game sounds for my NPC (Male001,ect...)


Now, they appear as a .Wav tho it seems to me they're compressed somehow because the size is no more than 6kb or 10kb or 8kb, and from another mod that I've download uncompressed they look like 20kb or 25kb.


The thing is that WeiDU install the mod perfectly, but when playing the sounds won't play, could it be that even if the game sound files appear as .Wav they are actually .Ogg and I need that program to decompress??

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If you examine the file properties of any of those sound files, that should tell you what the format truly is. Then, you'll know if they need to be converted or not. The bit depth and sampling rate are also important (if memory serves, they need to be mono, too).

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You'll need acm2wav to play them in Near Infinity - most of them are wavc files (but still with a .wav extension). This is the game's native format (see the IESDP) and better than .ogg as OGG compression is lossy.

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