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Wasteland 2 Kickstarter by Brian Fargo


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Attention fellow denizens of the modding community:


Brian Fargo, former Interplay Big Wig (Executive Producer of Fallout 1, had a hand in 2, and the brains behind Wasteland, the game that launched the Fallouts) has launched a Kickstarter for to raise money for Wasteland 2.


From what we know so far, Jason Anderson and Fargo have been working on the world and background for about a year, Michael Stackpole has been brought in as a dev, and several other old hands from Interplay and the Wasteland days have also been called in. The game itself is to be a party-based, top-down, turn based CRPG on the schematic of the original Fallouts. Knowing the numbers of people around here with an attachment to those and similar games, I'm hoping to drum up support.


Here's a link to the Kickstarter, where much more information and a video can be found. $15 dollars gets you a copy of the game upon release and $50 gets you a large-boxed version with goodies like a cloth map as well as a digital copy for actual playing.


We're 14 hours in and over half way there, so help 'em out if you enjoy a good game of Fallout, a cRPG, or just like being generous.

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Nice, I'd rather like to play something built by the core people who did Wasteland working on their own terms. Seems Kickstarter might be a great boon to the gaming (especially RPG) community in an age of massive profit blinded distributors.

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