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DLTCEP 7.3 overlays


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Hi all,

I'm struggling with the steep learning curve of this great tool trying to make a new area from scratch for BG2 SOA.


I believe I have everything set up correct.

I have followed the "Area making with DLTCEP" tutorial to the letter, and can walk around in my new area and such. But when I start with making overlays it just does not work. I have tried maybe 20 times to create an object that my characters should be obscured by (a tree) but they ALWAYS walk over it no matter what I do. I have tried different flags, moving the blue line around, anything I can think of but it never works.

I can see that the overlay is there in the game, because if you follow the tutorials to the letter it is "shifting" (it's because DLTCEP automatically sets alternating tiles and overlay bits). But the characters are always in front of it...


I'm very close to start crying. What am I missing?

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Just flag it as a "wall" (just the first bit IIRC) and leave it at that. Also make sure your lowest two points are horizontal and grounded (reorder polygon or whatever in DLTCEP). I'm having reverse issues - with animations/overlays covering characters when I don't want them to, but I think that is an engine issue not easily solved by turning different flags on/off (though sometimes that can solve it but I don't think we have a failsafe formula yet).

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Here are my steps:

1. Load my area (external)

2. Click edit wed

3. Add polygon

4. Click edit polygon

5. Check "wall"

6. Click insert and then preview

7. Start mapping the overlay. I check that both my first vertexes have the same Y value.

8. Done, I have 9 vertexes, click Back

9. Select spot 2 from Choose overlay

10. Click set overlay

11. I load the same tileset that my background is built from (I have tried making a new from BMP also)

12. Click set overlay

13. "Tis already exists" - answer no

14. Now click "Make overlay" and get response "The polygon was removed..."

15. Click back and Save the area


Now, travel to my area in the game and... I can clearly see the overlay, but it is behind all my characters. It's starting to get on my nerves.

What do you mean by the lowest two points "grounded"?


Thanks for your help. If you're having the reverse issue maybe we should do each others maps ;)

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Overlay IS not a wall. You MUST NOT convert a wall to overlay. Overlay is for half transparent water/swamp/lava stuff.


For overlays, the blue line is irrelevant. The polygon is just marking its borders. You need an alternate tileset (water, or such) for overlays.


From your note, i think you also confuse searchmaps with overlays/wall groups. Because it is the searchmap that disables walking to a point.

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