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BG2 F/M/C weapons/armor restrictions


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I installed BG2 tweak pack and fix pack. Searched internet, yet i cant find how can I delete restrictions of wearing heavy armor/swords/anything-else? I installed miscast magic, yet i cant wear most of the heavy armor, even tho i got miscast while wearing it. Same for imported Drizzt scimitar +5 : defender. I cant use it! i can use the +3 one, but cant +5 >.<

I would like to take off ALL restricitons, any mod like this out there?

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For your first question, you could try Ashes of Embers (on pocketplane.net) or a slightly less cheesy version in Level 1 NPCs (available here). Not sure about your second question, but doubtless someone has created such a mod somewhere.

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I tried level 1 NPCs and it didnt fix it(only 2 points in every weapon, yet i still cant wear it without using shadowkeeper).

Gonna try ashes of embers, thanks, just it will be compatibile with g3 fixpack and g3 tweakpack AND level 1 npcs?


ashes of embers did great, thanks.

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Level 1 NPCs has an option in optional tweaks that lets you allow clerics to use any weapon (which should apply to multi-class clerics also). It's in the readme. AoE does it differently - you can use any weapons if you have the stat requirements it implements (such as so much strength or dexterity for some weapons).

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