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Romance Conflict: PC-driven or NPC-driven?


Would you prefer PC or NPC driven conflict?  

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OK, OK, we are debating a new approach to romance conflicts for the contenderes for PC's heart: challenge-based, when NPCs will have to outdo each-other to win PC's approval in a serie of challenges.


What we are debating right now is *who* should initiate the challenege sequence: PC or NPCs?



PRO: It's PC's call if she wants to see the challenges or not; It will give the occasion the flavour of a game where all parties are equal participants

CONTRA: It will make some players to miss out on challenges



PRO: Evereyone will see at least the first challenges; has the same attraction of NPCs fighting over PC in 'classical' conflicts

CONTRA: PC is a passive observer

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I think the conflict should be brewing and observable by the PC (read a little bit of NPC fighting) then she or he decides the course of this. As much as I liked the Kelsey Anomen exchange I must say that it did not suit all charcters I have played them with. Some would have made it clear that they would prefer an outright challenge here and there to constant nagging from the back seats.


PC driven would also mean more work to adapt to the playing styles while NPC driven only has to adapt to the two NPCs fighting IMO.

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I like the idea that NPCs have the conflict. Firstly, I like being fought over. :D Secondly, as BigRob put it, it is their disagreement. I would like, if possible, for the PC to be able to step in and put an end to the fighting--but only by choosing one contender or the other. I think that is more realistic than just saying, "okay, quit fighting" without removing the reason for the conflict. :thumbsup:



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Well, I would like to emphasise that there is NO physical fighting between NPCs, in neither male nor female NPC romance conflict.


I think the compromise now stands on having 1 or 2 dialogues between NPCs showing growing tensions between Ajantis and Coran. Then PC gets to either encourage the males by setting the playful challenge (one of 4) or deciding to herself that she likes one more than the other (she gets the same options after each challenge). Every rest time thereafter, she will be encouraged to either chose or set next challenge. Once she had decided, the timer will shut down the 'loser's' romance in about 1 hour of playing time. It will be assumed that delicate PC managed to send enough signals to the guy that it's all over. Obviously, after all 4 challeneges played out or if PC consumates one of the relationships there will be no choice to continue the parallel romances.

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Guest Guest_guest

What about a new woman NPC that can challenge the PC romance conflict.

Lets say that im a woman PC and I like Anomen. OK this New NPC Char. wants him too. Ok I know why take her in the party right but why not have a challenge to win there love for once instead of them always getting to fight over us. I love challenges, I just would like to see the pc have to fight for what she wants, she does all this stuff for Imoen. The has to be another woman on the sword coast that would want Anomens or Kelseys love too. I think the bhaal spawn would be protective of what is hers,and wouldn't want to just win there love without a challenge.

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In both CG and CN Coran there is a few romantic conflicts with a non-party NPCs (a couple of unnamed ones and of course Brielbara); PC can act rather violently or forgiving or whatever - lots and lots of choices, including poisoning Coran out of jelousy. While there is no romantic conflict involved, Coran will chose Safana over PC and romance her (and flirt with every other woman in sight, which becomes particulary bad if he is pushed into becoming CN)

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O, yes, just remebered.. in male PC romance in Dynaheir's case Edwin will do his best to break the relationship appart and Minsc is acting well... like Minsc usually acts toward Dynaheir - protective! So watch out for unique Rashemi insights and butt kicking, <CHARNAME> if you upset glorious Dynaheir! :)

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Well, I would like to emphasise that there is NO physical fighting between NPCs, in neither male nor female NPC romance conflict.


Well... there should be!


Give em a couple o pointy sticks and let em go at it! :)

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