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Garrick Ulcaster quest bug


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If you start Garrick's Ulcaster quest, visit Ulcaster while he is singing bardsong, leave again quickly when you realize Ulcaster ghosts can kick your party's butt, and then come back much later, levelled up, and without Garrick in the party, his bardsong will still persistently affect the party, including in the Ulcaster dungeon.


more installation details here, first post



...that was a run on sentence worthy of German!

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Eh... not sure how this is even possible or what the fix is. You sure it's actually Garrick and not his bardic enemy invoking the bardsong?


Don't know if it's even related to BG1 NPC at all, but we could move the first block in x#garwyl.baf down to be the fourth block (after the !Allegiance(Myself,ENEMY)/NoAction() block.

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Well, since we never ran into his quest-enemy yet, and the song interrupts when the party breaks to do something, like attack, and then comes back afterward, and since it's actually labelled "bardsong" as an effect with a white note symbol, I figured it was Garrick's song. I will have to see what happens when we come back WITH Garrick in the party, but that would require remembering where we dropped him off first. ;-)


I just thought of something, though. It may be related to aTweaks "Simple Bard Script -> always sing bardsong when idle" thing, rather than BG1NPCs. Or a combination of both. I was using that on Garrick when he was in the party.

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If Garrick's not in your party and you're seeing bardsong, particularly in Ulcaster, then it's his quest enemy. Changing his script as I indicated should fix it, in theory (he shouldn't be using bardsong until he at least sees the party and probably not until he goes hostile).


Edit: eh, but if you're hearing it in the dungeon, it's gotta be something else, as his bardic enemy is above ground in Ulcaster.

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