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Can't get BG1 to install?


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Hey all, I was wondering if I could get some help on this.

I can't get BG1 to install, at all. I get as far as the load up screen on the desktop, but any attempts to install it from there go nowhere. I don't know if it's because I'm using a fairly new computer and thus it's not compatible, though BG2 works just fine, or some other related problem. It's also not an issue of improperly removing the content from the computer so that it's impossible to reinstall it either, as I've never installed BG1 on this computer.

Could I get some help? Is there some program I need to install in order to play the game on a Windows 7/Vista system? Or should I just wait for the remakes?

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Should install fine on Windows 7 (installed fine for me ^^ ). Check your disk and make sure that you don't have any scratches or other defects which may cause the installation to hang. If your disks have gone bad, then you'll need to get a replacement somehow.


One thing you can try is after putting in the BG1 disk is to view the contents of the disk. Instead of auto-running, run the setup.exe file. If it fails with that then you won't be able to install.


Course you should make sure that you are installing from disk 1 rather than one of the other disks.

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Thank you all for the swift responses and help. Thanks to you I managed to get it to install properly. I've been unable to play it for months, so finally being able to load the game up and give it a whirl means the world to me. You have my immense gratitude. ^_^

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