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Black Screen + Hang after launch

Outer Heaven

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Recently just installed BG 2 SoA/ToB, then the ToB patch, followed by the fixpack and tweakpack from this website. Tested, and the game ran fine. Then I installed the Widescreen mod, set my res at 1600x900, my native res, and just got blackscreen and hang after launch. My computer then became unresponsive and I had to hold down the power button.


I then tried 1280x720 and the same thing happened as before. Uninstalling this mod resolves this issue.


Im running Windows 7 64 and the game is installed to c/programfiles86/blackisle.


Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Rule #1 especially with Windows 7 is to install in any directory outside of Program Files. C:\Games is a good place

Why? Windows 7 (as well as some other versions of Windows) protects the data in the Program Files directories (yep there are two of 'em Program Files & Program Files (x86) ). Because of this when installing mods there can be problems, especially in the case of widescreen because it modifies the game executable file.

What's happening is that Windows protected the .exe file but let the other patches take place, so when the game is run it's expecting the original dimension files and so craps out cause the files have been modified.


Solution: uninstall everything and reinstall in a directory outside of Program Files

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