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No character voices or environmental sounds, small text


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Hey guys :) Finally got this working! After much toil. I'm running Baldurs Gate 1 (GoG edition) on my 2.3.4 LY-F1 Android tablet (800x480). It's a chinese model so I doubt you'll have any troubleshooting on it specifically but hey, trial and error right? :p


Sadly, I cant hear any voices or surrounding sounds such as footsteps, etc. Who wants to play BG1 without being able to hear jolly Winthrop's quip about sanitary elves and their pristine behinds? I certainly don't!


Also following that, the text is incredibly difficult to read, and the dialogue box only takes up 3/4 of the screen, leaving a large ugly gap between the right-most bar and the dialogue box. I'm running the Widescreen fix but I'm wondering if I've forgotten anything?


Thank you :)

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Footsteps=1 is already in Baldur.ini. I'll have to listen closer next time I play to see if I was mistaken :)


As for voices, is there a fix at all? I've just left Candlekeep with Gorion and I'm at the part where they stop at the gates and he casts a spell on you, however before this there's just one long awkward pause. I'm under the impression he's supposed to speak there?


Also the weird thing is, the narrator voice works perfectly, to the point where having him announce how every locked container I attempt to open is, in fact, locked, is getting on my nerves. Even during the Prologue he spoke. It's strange.

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I recently changed verbal constants to use the speech channel (only one speech channel exists).

This is to eliminate the massive spam of command acknowledgements by party npcs.

Sadly the speech channel has a separate bug.

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Does this have anything to do with the Gemrb.ini file having "soundsfolder" (or something like that) set to 0? Setting it to 1 causes a crash as soon as the game loads (past the menus) so I can't tell if it works


This is (maybe pathetically, on my part) stressful as I'm a storyholic, so the chance of missing even a shred of important dialogue is preventing me from playing this at all =(

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Actually, i just had "volume voices" set to 0 in baldur.ini.


gemrb.ini in the game specific override folders shouldn't be modified.

That (those) file contain game specific options to gemrb that enables it to simulate the given original game.


You may edit gemrb.cfg and the original game ini (baldur/icewind/torment).

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