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Problem: NPC's have BG1 and BG2 Voicesets mixed together


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Hi guys,


So, I guess this is a case of curiosity killed the cat.


I have a mega-modification installed with BGT. Everything has been running smoothly, until I made a stupid mistake. I started the player-initiated dialogue and used the PID string fixer when nothing was wrong on Imoen.


Now when I select her or if she starts fighting, her voice set is a mix between BG1 and BG2, and I'm not 100% sure how to restore it to a BG1 voice set. I confirmed it was the Player initiated dialogue option (#8), as I tested it on Minsc and it mixed up his voice set as well.


I do have a previous game save where all the voice sets are working fine, but it is quite far back and I was wondering if there is some way for me to transfer that voice set from that save game, to my current one.


Any help would be great!

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Post your WeiDU.log in tags that look like this:


Yes, spoiler tags.


I don't know why BG1 NPC would mix up the strings, but there is an obscure component of DSotSC that lets you do this (intentionally); however, it has several options and I don't think this one is installed by default in a megamod/BWP install.

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