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BGII + ToB 1980x1020 problem


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Dear community,


I have installed Baldur's Gate II + Throne of Bhaal and patched it to the latest version v.26498 after that I have installed the Widescreen Mod and set it to 1980x1020 the same as in Windows 7 but the only thing I get is a very small screen, did I miss something?



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I think there is a GUI mod out there that changes the NON-MAP screens to utilize the new ratio. Otherwise every screen but the main game screen will be centered. At least you get centering. ToTSC & PST get stuck in the upper left corner.


The main game screen is what the Widescreen mod affects...


If you still don't get a wider screen after you get onto the main game screen (i.e. where you control your party etc) then you've got a problem.

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