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The romance mod + others mods


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Hi , I need help refreshing my memory . I don't recall the order in which mods gotta be installed .


I made a copy of my Override folder (just in case ) . I also followed this topic here but it was't really clear .


I want to install these mods beside the NPC project :


1- IWD2 Unofficial Item/Spell Patch (not sure if I really need it or not but it is in the Unofficial section) .

2- Custom DLL Fixes & Changes [Non-WeiDU] (it add alot of thing , Lvl cap + exp )


And if (2) come in conflict , I was thinking of using this one instead :


3- Level 40 XP Patcher [Non-WeiDU] + Feats & Skills [Non-Weidu] (together if the DLL fixes come in conflict ?) .


4- Merchants Mods : Ammo belt infinit stack OR Brendan Bellina downloads . /OR Light of Selune (add lot of stuff ) .


So are the above compatible ? and if so , I install them first and then I install the NPC Project ? Or do I install NPC Project first , then Install the above ?


And one last question (I never got a clear answer to this , but Diriel to get the full romance (and be good alignement ) . 1- is it possible to be good and romance him ? and 2- if I'm good and he romance my charname . Do you gotta kill those peoples at the mill for the romance to bloom ? or if you disagree he still luv you ?


Hum yeah..and my game is patched (Got patch from readme ) . And nothing else been added.....


Thank you

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