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Doesnt work with no cd crack?


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I use the no cd crack on my copy of BG TOS. When I try to run this mod it keeps saying that there is no cd in the drive. I dont really get why i would need one. Do I have to reinstall everything then run widescreen THEN apply the crack?


Also the rar version of the mod widescreen setup doesnt show up as an exe. Its just a "file" that my computer doesnt know how to run. Asks me what it should use to run the file.

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the rar version of the mod is a rar file and you should use 7zip or Winrar to extract the contents.


Widescreen mod & a no cd crack are not compatible both modify the main game executable. Sorry but to use widescreen you need to use your disks in drive else make your own images and mount them...


Widescreen also requires access to many graphic files, if you didn't do a full install (which you should) then it probably will ask for access to the disks... Tho to be honest I've never heard of that happening, I would have thought it would have just failed to install...

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