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Empty dialogues


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So I have installed Bg1 and Bg2 (both with expansions), then BGT.

Next step, I have installed BG1 Npc project, and quickly made my character to enjoy this mod.

And then the problem begins, after I leave Candlekeep and get Imoen into my party, I tried to initiate dialogue with her, but there was only her portrait and no text! I clicked with mouse and there was written name of my charater, like: Rozwad - , and there was no text after "-" again.

Well, I decided to continue and see what other NPCs will be like. I met Montaron and initiated dialogue. During the dialogue, screen was moved to Imoen, but again there was no text from her. After picking these two to my group, I initiated dialogue with one of them, and again only his portrait and no text, the same was with 2nd of them.

So my question is: what I might have done wrong to cause this problem, or do I need something else installed to make npc project work correctly?

Do you need any more information to detect the source of problem?


Thanks in advance for any help.

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I have exactly the same problem here.


I installed EasyTutu and the following mods yesterday (in this order, as recommended in http://usoutpost31.com/easytutu/): NPC Kit Selection, Hard Times, Tutufix 1.8 (installing just BG2 Ammo stacks and BG1 Summoning spells), BG1NPC Projetc v.20 (skipping just a few portrait changes and Walking Speeds) and TutuGUI 1.8. I then uninstalled TutuGUI and started the first game. So the problem is not related with having a game running during the installation, or trying to continue a previous saved game.


If nobody already knows the solution, I think is better uninstall the mod and restart a new game without using it, because maybe this problem would affect the normal dialogues between characters. But I really want to use the mod!

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hmm v 20 installed fine on my BGT game. I've not installed it on EasyTutu yet as I'm working my way thru testing a mod across different platforms of the BG1 experience.


Could you by chance have had any game editors running when installing?

Some editors lock the dialog.tlk from being tampered with, if one of those was open during install... This is also true if the game was running when the mod was installed.


Could you have installed one mod while another was installing?

This can really screw up the text strings as well as other stuff.


Did you install your games inside Program Files directory?

If so, could be the problem as Windows protects that directory.


Did you initialize your games prior to converting to EasyTutu or BGT?

If you don't start each game, BG & BG2, all the way thru to a saveable point (don't need to save tho) prior to conversion some files are not properly initialized and can cause unforeseen side effects.


Best solution at this time, since your game text is already screwed up is to delete EasyTutu/BGT and start over from scratch UNLESS you created a backup of the 'important' files prior to installing mods. --- I forget to do this and yet I remember to tell others to do it. :p

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Thank you for the help, Sasha. Unfortunately, none of these situations apply to my case (maybe Rozwad's).


For, now, I just have uninstalled BG1NPC and continued one of my saved games (is working fine, although none of the NPCs has interacted yet and some residues remained - like the different starting positions of Eldoth and etc.). But if anyone has another suggestion, I'll keep testing and trying to fix the problem.

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