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Pid error?


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When trying to install the widescreen mod it gives me an error: something along the lines of cant find Setup-widescreen2 Queried (pid = -1) or something like that. I am at work right now and cant get the actual error.


Is this something where I am going to have to reinstall everything again? Should I do the widescreen hack prior to loading BGT?


Thanks in advance!

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Should I do the widescreen hack prior to loading BGT?
I think widescreen should be installed dead last (unless a gui mod is to come after it) that way it can update any mod added files as may be necessary. Also its easier to uninstall and reinstall to get just the right settings that you like.


The queried (pid = #) thing is part of the automatic update routine. it may be possible that you have a mod with an older version of weidu and its having trouble updating. However, I can't be certain without any further information. Can you take a screenshot of the command window while the error is showing? The automatic update information doesn't always get logged, so a screenshot may be the best way to see what is going on.


If it is a hang up on the automatic update, I gave instructions to someone else on how to work around it. http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=24131

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Well looking at the other topic, I figured it out (sort of) One of my setup files wasnt correct and was trying to run, deleting the culprit allowed me to install the widescreen hack and it works perfectly!


Thanks for your help!

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