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Crashing when entering de'Arnise outside area.

Outer Heaven

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Need to make sure you have Logging On=1 in your baldur.ini file, reproduce the crash if necessary and post the relevant entry from the resulting baldur.err text file. If there is nothing in baldur.err after doing that, this can sometimes help.

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I too have had this problem. I believe that it comes from the Tactics Mod, Improved Torgal and De'Arnisse Keep.

There is a spawn point a little ways above where the line of men hanging from posts is. When it begins to actually spawn a Troll, that is when it crashes for me. I work around this by keeping the map located on the far right hand side and slowly moving my group up the left hand side of what is visible on the screen. Move up - pause - move up - pause etc. At some point in time you will be attacked by whatever is spawned. As long as i don't have the spawn point visible on the screen, it works fine. After that you can kriss cross the map at will. I hope this helps.

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