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Boots of speed no longer hastes its user

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After I insatlled BG2 Fixpack and BG 2 Tweakpack, I noticed boots of speed no longer work as they should - they haste the character speed, but not their attack speed. Besides, I noticed that the character wearing boots of speed walk like BG1, not like BG2. I thought I had mistakenly installed the "Use BG1 Walking Speed" mod, but I checked it again confirmed that I hadn't.


Now, what really annoys me is that, although I have uninstalled both mods, the boots of speed still do not work as they should - and, yes, I tested it in a new game.


I also have the Dungeons Be Gone mod installed, but I find it unlikely that it would mess boots of speed.


Any clues?

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The haste effect was a source of a few ill side effects.


Try deleting the BOOT01.ITM file from the override folder, it should negate any changes made to boots.

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Wow, it worked perfectly!


It seems all it takes is to delete this file, since 1) I tried deleting the file after I re-installed all the mods/tweaks I wanted; 2) loaded a game rather than starting a new one; 3) and, nevertheless, the boots were restored to normal!


Thank you very much!

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