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moving saved file to other comp, will there be error?


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I have installed IWD and HOW with same patch, same mod on the other computer, just going to move saved file there, but will there be any glitch or error doing this?


If you haven't done it, please don't assume and mislead me. I think I have done something similar to this on other game, and there was error ilke game wasn't recognizing some of its element, or even freezing. Hope this doesn't happen..


Thanks for reading.

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I have installed IWD and HOW with same patch, same mod on the other computer, just going to move saved file there, but will there be any glitch or error doing this?
you never know, there is always the potential for something to be off.


Here is how I would have done it. assuming that old computer is still available for the transference of other wanted data....

note from here on out 'dirty' will refer to old data 'clean' will refer to new installation data


On the new computer, install the game, expansions & patches, start the game and get thru all cutscenes and dialogs to a point where I could save the game, and exit.

Then create a "clean backup" before installing ANY mods following these instructions for creating a "clean backup"
Instructions are for BGII but still valid for any Infinity Engine game, simply adjust as needed. Make sure this is saved somewhere handy, you'll need it when you are finished playing the current game.


On the old computer, do the exact same thing only it will be a "dirty backup" as dialog.tlk & the override should be chock full of modded stuff. Bare minimum additional stuff to add: save game folder, scripts folder (if you added any), portraits folder (if you added any), characters folder (if you saved some), sounds folder (if you added any).


Transfer the "dirty backup" to the new computer and overwrite into the newly installed & fully patched game. DO NOT overwrite the .ini file instead open up both the 'clean' & 'dirty' versions. make any adjustments to the 'clean' .ini file that are in the 'dirty' .ini file but leave the hard drive and cd paths alone, you need it to point to where the data for the 'clean' install is located.


Launch the game on the new computer, if you can start a new game without any problems, load up your savegame and see how that works. If there are no problems, feel free to keep playing ^^ When finished with your current game, delete all the "dirty backup" files you copied into the game and replace with the "clean backup" files.


In essence what you are doing is performing an overwriting mod on your new installation. However instead of it being specific files for specific type of thing, you are doing it out of your entire old installation.


Otherwise, you could attempt to install every mod in exactly the same order with exactly the same chosen options and hope and pray that the dialog strings are correct (among other possible issues). Weidu does not remove mod added strings from the dialog.tlk. so if you've installed other mods and took them out and installed different ones on your old installation it is possible that your dialog.tlk on the new installation will be different if you install only the current mods you are using. Since your save game stores references to a lot of data and some of it even directly, any slight chance that the data is different can cause issues.


Thus I recommend the earlier overwrite method to be safe. I've not done this from computer to computer, but have used it to go from hard drive to hard drive on the same computer. Tho in that case I transfer the entire game directory and change the hard drive & cd paths as necessary in the .ini file. Which you could do that too going from one computer to another as the game itself does not need an actual registry entry to run.

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Thanks for the input and the help, you seem to be very professional.

and wow, that is a lot of steps.. I'm almost thinking it might be faster if I start the game from beginning and get to the point where I saved the game hahaha.. but I will think about it.


Again thanks. :)

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