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Need bit help of adding new RAM..


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I have old PC and might dump it soon, but before that I am planning to take out some of important parts, and that include RAM..

I'm going to put that RAM to my other PC, which is also old but newer. Anyway will plugging RAM on the motherboard will increase its total RAM size? and yes I have slots for new RAMs..

And will any RAM card of PC actualy work on any pc? or is there exceptional conditions that I need to be cautious about?

I don't want to try it out in case it might cause terrible damage to my pc. I need your advice.



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(You would be better off asking in a proper hardware forum. Like this one.)


There are different types of memory (e.g., DDR, DDR2, etc.). Your motherboard determines what type can be used, so you will need to check what type of memory your current motherboard requires and what type the old sticks are. However, the different types are keyed differently, so there should be little risk of the wrong type even being insertable in the slots.


I am a bit fuzzy on matters like frequencies and timings and whether you can freely mix (very) differently specced memory sticks, but if there are problems there the computer will probably not successfully POST while the different pairs are inserted at the same time (or at most, crash if you do something memory intensive). If you want reasonable assurances everything is working there are testing programs you can use. "Terrible damage" would seem unlikely.

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