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GemRB Android Woes (Sony Tablet S)


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Has anyone got these games working successfully on a Sony Tablet S?


I can get the games running fine, and they look pretty decent but the bottom portion of the screen is always chopped off. I've experimented with various resolutions and this is always the case, even if I choose to lower it to something like 1280x600.


The full screen option also does not work, or rather it does not remove the bottom status bar so the dialog at the bottom is still cut off.


Does anyone have any suggestions?



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Check these android guides, they might help

- BG1 http://forums.gibber...56

- IWD1 http://forums.gibber...48


Thanks Alx3apps. I've looked at this and will try it when I get home tonight. So the only way to fix this is by using a patch? Is there something similar for Torment becuase I have the same problem with that game.


Can anyone with this tablet tell me the actual usable resolution so I can get the perfect one?

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If by patch you meant the widescreen mod, then yes, it works for Torment.


No, I'm already using widescreen mod as per my original post. I was referring to the mod/patch in the response I quoted.

3) patch game data with TWM_GUI mod


I guess I could have googled the answer.


Anyways does anyone have a solution to my original problem? I can't seem to find anything that works :(

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Thanks. I think I had inadvertently that left at 800 because I overwrote the config file I changed. I managed to get it working but now half of the characters are invisible so I guess I have a new demon to hunt down before I can spend hours in the toilet... er... I mean on the train playing bg and iwd.



I think I fixed it. I had the gemRB config file set to iwd when it should have been how for the gog.com version.


My tablet will now actually be useful for something!

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