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What I have definitely noticed:


In the Strref Entries section, offset 0x0004 appears to be a boolean value indicating whether or not text exists. 1 (most cases) indicates that there is text. 0 indicates that there is no associated text. There is an accompanying TOT entry, however. A reproduction case is when editing a character biography, hitting clear, then done. A new strref seems to be created for each character that this is performed on.



What I am uncertain of:


Has anyone been able to confirm that offset 0x0010 is in fact a WAV/WAVC resref? I've tried inserting a couple custom strref overrides in dialogs with some wav resrefs that did not seem to play.


As for offsets 0x0008 and 0x000C, I usually see 0 and 0 both.

Often I see 16 and 33, respectively.

Other pairs I've seen (signed values):

  • * 33 and 32,
  • * 1441817 and 1279655936
  • * 48 and 33
  • * 64 and 33
  • * 11250944 and 0
  • * 1966263 and -65536
  • * 145 and 32
  • * 96 and 33

I want to think of these as flags fields, but in some of my save games I've seen added map notes in a single area with different 'flags'. It almost makes me think it was junk data from memcpy, similar to some junk data seen trailing resrefs in CRE files.

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It is resref in the original tlk, and the tlk override inherits the entry structure. It is unused, if you couldn't make use of it but it contains garbage normally.

GemRB will probably still use it, if you manage to fill it somehow :)

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