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New Arcane Spells for v4

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Thanks Demi!

If you could take a look at Pierce Shield too it would be great - it's pretty crucial against combat protections (as it doesn't force you to tear down all the magical defences first).

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Pierce Shield doesn't seem to remove combat protections. I'm hitting Deirex with it and the console says Deirex: Pierce Shield but his combat defenses are still up (specifically, Protection from Magical weapons).

Pierce Shield is not patched as it should by Spell Shield Fix code (no idea why, I'll ask Arda). It currently works fine only if it doesn't have to face SS, but if the target has SS then Pierce Shield is absorbed without destroying SS. :/


I also noticed that Spell Thrust doesn't do anything against Deirex, whereas Secret Word works perfectly.

I cannot find any issue on ST. Maybe Deirex was using a spell protection higher than 5th lvl (e.g. Gr. Spell Protection)?

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I fought him again and it seems that you are correct, at least most of the time it behaves as you specified. If memory server I've seen some deviations (PS doing nothing even when no Spell Shield was present, and the same for Spell Thrust) but I may have missed something - if I have anything substantial I'll report. Thanks!

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