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I'm wondering what the Solaufein encounter entails? I've always liked the idea having a brief fling with him (and having him in the party) but I'm rather worried it'll effect how he likes me and affect the egg quest.


Acutally I guess what I'm really asking is, given Drow thoughts on the status of females over males, uhm...he's willing right?


(I worry about the feeling of game characters waaayy to much.)

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If you worry about his feelings, let's say he is not pleased by this request. But he -







..he is used to being toyed with, so there will be no consequences. He will also accept (if the PC insist) to not go through with it. This will increase the SolaLikes counter by one - which might break the quest with the fake eggs, so you'd want to keep that in mind (if Solaufein doesn't appear before the ritual to give the PC the faked eggs, it might be because of RE). Sorry about that.

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