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*.ARE 9.1 Region

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The Region structure is listed as being 0xB8 bytes long for ARE v. 9.1, when in shipped files their Name fields in the array are distanced 0xC4 bytes apart, just as in the ARE 1.0 structure.

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Yes, region size is 196 (0xc4) bytes in IWD2.

An example dump from ar1001:



1400h Region #2				
 1400h Label			Wine Casks					  
 1420h Type			 0001
 1422h Left			 0351
 1424h Top			  00ef
 1426h Right			03ea
 1428h Bottom		   017b
 142ah Vertex count	 003a
 142ch Vertex index	 00000005
 1430h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 1434h Cursor type	  00000016
 1438h Dest. area			  
 1440h Dest. entrance								  
 1460h Info flags	   00000000
 1464h Strref		   00000787
 1468h Trap detection   0000
 146ah Trap removal	 0000
 146ch Trapped		  0000
 146eh Detected		 0000
 1470h Launch point	 [0314.0154]
 1474h Key					  
 147ch Script				  
 1484h Use point		[0000.0000]
 1488h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 148ch UNKNOWN		  00000000
 1490h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 1494h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 1498h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 149ch UNKNOWN		  00000000
 14a0h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 14a4h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 14a8h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 14ach UNKNOWN		  00000000
 14b0h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 14b4h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 14b8h UNKNOWN		  00000000
 14bch UNKNOWN		  00000000
 14c0h UNKNOWN		  00000000
14c4h Region #3				
 14c4h Label			Wine Casks 2					



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