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*.PLT Intensity

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"Intensity" is misleading at best, if not outright wrong. While it can display a moderately accurate representation of *.PLT content, if you assign colors to a palette and let 'intensity' modify the palette color (this is what Near Infinity does), they end up displaying too dark and off balance. Instead, color map is a row index into 'MPAL256.BMP', where the row numbers match the gradients stored in creatures. 'Intensity' is actually an index to a column of that row for the color to display.


As a point of interest, the 255th value for this gradient is always { R:0 G: 255 B: 0 }, or transparent.

Another point is that the shadow (palette channel # 7) is alpha-blended with the background, whereas the rest of the paper-doll is not.


Comments on the palettes bitmaps: 'MPAL256.BMP' and 'MPALETTE.BMP' have their columns opposite; MPAL256 ranges dark to bright, whereas MPALETTE ranges bright to dark. Also, while BMPs store the rows bottom-up, their palettes are indexed top-down; index 0 is the first row on top when the image is viewed.


This is all probably common knowledge, but I still wasted two days rediscovering this through original research.

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Local copy updated, thanks! The 'intensity' description never sat well with me due to its vagueness, whereas this actually makes sense.

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