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Tweak Pack requests


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On the various components for Unlimited stacking...


Currently they are set at 9999. While I know that in BG the max can be 65535 and in IWD half that, there is a irritating but not game breaking glitch when stacks are greater than 999.


Whenever a stack of something is 1000+ and it is equipped, when it gets used it 'disappears' from the quick bar. The items don't actually disappear, but you have to go back into the inventory and re-set them so you can use the quick bar again. Also, you don't actually need to use the item, switching between screens can cause the item to 'disappear'.


So I'm asking for additional subcomponents or just having the amount changed to 999.


yes, yes I could change the tp2 myself.... but not everyone understands how to do that... hence my request

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Or they could just use aTWEAKS.

The only component I could find in the readme dealt with how many items could be stored in containers. That's different than being able to stack potions or arrows in the quick slots or ammo slots.

Silly me, you're right. :blush:

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The problem is that the mod is not actively maintained... Someone needs to step up and update it.


Since I'm already updating the fixpack, I might as well take a look at this.


Can someone compile a list of issues from the current BG2 Tweaks version that need to be addressed?

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Fantastic news! Have trawled the forum a bit and found some candidates. Feel free to add or disregard:



BG2 Tweaks and ToBEx feat. HPBARB.2DA



Translation request



[bG2Tweak Pack] Request for reputation component


Included in BGT Tweaks 11 so check for this component needed so it isn't installed twice.


Inaccessible Ammo Belt



Anomen Romance Bug (w. Cheats)



New HLAs not available for F/M/T


tripple class HLA not working? (FMT)



Shorter Cutscenes Bug




[bG2 Tweaks] Combined components causing Beregost crash



Linux version of BG2 Tweaks v9 is broken



Missing scripts?



Compatibility with Aurora






BG2 Tweaks- Drow item disintegration



BG2 Tweaks - True Grandmastery text improvement



Remove Helmet Animations vs 1PP's wings


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...So I'm asking for additional subcomponents or just having the amount changed to 999...

Someone else already asked for the option so it's included for the next release of BG1 Tweaks, allowing three "larger" as well as the "unlimited" stacking option.
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Thanks guys. I'll look into this in a few weeks, after I finish some more work on my own mods.


Just to clarify, the next BG2 Tweaks update will mainly focus on bugfixes and translation updates. Including new features will be a very low priority. However, slightly expanding a few existing components (i.e. something along that lines that plainab suggested for the item stacking) would be acceptable.

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For more convenient packaging [1] I would suggest component 80 is changed from using shell scripts to using MOVE.


1. The Windows package comes with a batch file and the others come with a sh script, making it easy for the packager to forget to include the right file in the right package. Obviously another solution would be to include both files in all packages.

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