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Update for Icewind Dale.


Icewind Dale has the <singleclass>_ALL class masks in its CLASS.IDS file, but they don't work. Instead use the script trigger ClassEx() with a single class designation:


ClassEx(Myself,FIGHTER) = all fighters

ClassEx(Myself,CLERIC) = all clerics

ClassEx(Myself,DRUID) = all druids

ClassEx(Myself,THIEF) = all thieves

ClassEx(Myself,BARD) = all bards

ClassEx(Myself,MAGE) = all magi


Some multi/dual-class characters can satisfy multiple tests (Fighter/Thief = all fighters, all thieves), so you need to use the ! (not) operator to rule out classes you don't want, if any. Icewind Dale uses ClassEx() in dialogs the same way BG2 uses Class() with class masks. Keep in mind that dual-class characters who have not grown enough in their new class to regain the abilities of their old class will only be detectable by means of their new class. IWD lacks BG2's kits and special classes so there is less to test for.


This is the case regardless of whether HoW/TLM are installed; they don't add a modified CLASS.IDS into the override folder so the original (BIFed) IWD version is used.

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Oh, I hadn't thought to test single-class references because the thread topic was about the _ALL masks (or one of them anyway) and that has been my focus. Sorry for missing your point.


Your discovery makes sense though, since a monk is a type of fighter, and a sorcerer is a type of mage. This likely saved Bioware from having to recode any dialogs they'd written prior to adding the two (sub)classes.

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