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Improved Asylum V0.97 Released!

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RPG Dungeon


Version 0.97 of the Improved Asylum mod has been released! This version is primarily intended as a compatibility upgrade. Older versions of the mod overwrite the Spell Trap file with the version from an older version of Detectable Spells that allows AI scripts to see that the player has the Spell Trap protections up. This is a holdover from much earlier and less sophisticated ways of modding BG2. This caused a problem if Improved Asylum was installed after another mod that changed the Spell Trap spell. This problem has been corrected. The new version has been changed to include the version of Detectable Spells that comes with the Sword Coast Stratagems 2 mod for Baldur's Gate 2.


Thanks to DavidW for the code for the new Detectable Spells!


For now, only the PC version of the mod is available. A Mac OSX version will be following over the next several days.


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RPG Dungeon Homepage

Improved Asylum Homepage



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