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and I just tried doing converting BGT

did the normal BG2 Fixpack before BGT an made sure the BGT worked properly. I did not do any biffing but rather left the files intact in the override.

ran the converter and it didn't error out, but there were a lot of files listed in the error logs.


started the game anyway and it took me to the IWD2 initial starting area, talked to the npcs that were there and the game crashed to desktop. so converting with BGT installed is not an option, not without someone to take a lot of time and effort to see what exactly needs to be changed and how.

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If you have not played the Delta version, the sequence of events is:

(1) You create your protagonist or party.

(2) The game starts, you are on the Wicked Wench, there is a delay of about 2 seconds.

(3) You get teleported to the start of IWG2, Irenicus Dungeon, and the first cutscene starts.

You lose any PCs in slots 5 and 6.


Note that IWG2 dungeons have different numbers compared to BG2:

Irenicus's Dungeon 1st Floor

BG2: AR0602

IWG2: AR0008

Irenicus's Dungeon 2nd Floor

BG2: AR0603

IWG2: AR0010


In the Beta version you talked to one of Hedron's flunkies to start IWG2, in the Delta you don't talk to anyone.

Please post the initial area script, for AR1000 and I may be able to see what is happening. This forum is good with attachments to topics.

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can't post anything as I'd already wiped out that install. purpose of it being to see if a BGT install would work, not work through and make it work :p


Sorry for any confusion....

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IM(H)O, Icewind Gate is surpassed and made obsolete by IWD-in-BG2...
You don't see the point... the point is to use the BG2 content in the IWD2's engine... not the IWD in BG2's... :p

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