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I draw portraits for you


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I just wanted to say, that I'm offering to draw NPC portraits for your Mods for free smile.png


Here are the conditions:

- I will be credited in the Mod's readme-file

- The mod has to be in beta-status or further

- All rights of the picture still belong to me


Usually, I would take around 20 - 45 € (26,30 - 58,20 $; price depends on the grade of detail) for a portrait, that's why I want to see the mod in a allready playable state. I just don't want to draw for nothing, you know wink.png


Here are some portraits, I have drawn recently:

angryhalflingbytaricalm.th.jpg baldursgateelf1.th.jpg


Of course, the portraits will be without my autograph in the game.


Send a PM or an E-Mail to taric@freenet.de with the subject "Mod Portrait". Please don't send me any spam mails.


Love and Kisses, TariC wink.png

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Hmm, free art with strings attached.

What exactly does it mean that "all rights of the picture stay with you"? What consequences does it have when included in a released mod?


Other than that, I wouldn't look a given horse in the mouth. Appreciate the offer.

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