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New Divine Spells for v4

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Mist of Eldath

Well, I actually don't like to consider AI dumbness as a good reason to make this spell work this way. I'd instead consider it a good reason to not make it affect opponents, because else I would have to cope with opponents not stepping into the cloud (even if it's 2 feet away from them) only because the AI is unable to understand it would be much better to move there.
...when it comes to AI, every game's strategist aims to just exploit's the AI's weaknesses in order to be victorious. I am not shocked by the idea of having the AI not understand the effects of the Mist, especially considering that in the vanilla game that spell won't ever be used by the AI.
I'm not following you. Following your logic exploiting AI dumbness and implementing things that take advantage from it is a good thing. o_O Concept wise I do agree all clouds should affect anyone within them, it's just that in this case it wouldn't work well imo, and making this particular mist party friendly didn't even seemed so strange (e.g. I had in mind something similar to F-man's above concept).
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I am not in favour of AI dumbness, on the contrary. But between internal consistency and an AI that does take full advantage of ANY spell cast by the player I choose the former every time. The AI would benefit of the cloud if it happens to enter it otherwise I believe that's not the ONLY alternative it has.


If SR is installed on a vanilla game, the AI won't behave any more stupid than it does during any fight without Mist of Eldath.


If SR is installed with SCS it won't change anything because at present, there is no support for that spell in any script and I won't be sure that there will ever be.

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I do share your thought, using Destruction instead of FoD for clerics would have been a more unique/appropriate choice, much like a Drown-like spell would have been hugely more appropriate than FoD for druids imo, but we do have FoD, and we afaik we cannot remove it.
Give David some credit, he doesn't use FoD for SCS druids.


Mist of Eldath

I'm with Salk. SCS AI is sufficiently intelligent to afford some loss on MoE, and vanilla AI may even be "smart" enough to lock dead onto a wounded PC and follow them everywhere, including into the mist.

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Mist of Eldath

With this spell around I'm not sure anymore, if druids really need Heal at 9th level. Since Regeneration and Mist of Eldath would most likely stack (and they should imo) adding a direct heal on top of that could be imbalanced for one divine spellcaster alone.

Yes, Regeneration and Mist of Eldath's healing effect will stack (the latter isn't even a regeneration effect), but even if druids get MoD I don't see how having Heal as a 7th lvl spell will make them "imbalanced". Clerics get Heal as a 6th lvl spell, and at 7th lvl they get Greater Restoration, which is a sort of "Heal + Restoration + Improved Break Enchantment".


Druid's Heal is there for one and only reason: consistency with the current SCS AI, which uses it. If DavidW will ever come back to update SCS again, then we may remove Heal from them.

Maybe we have different views on what an increased duration from 1 round to 1 turn means for Mist of Eldath. I actually thought that creatures staying in the mist keep getting healed once every round, which is very close to a regeneration effect, isn't it? The combined healing output could be high enough to make a direct heal overshoot the mark for a single healer.

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Mist of Eldath

Like all clouds it should be non-friendly. I don't think it will severely reduce it's power.
I'm instead with those saying that to be appealing it should be party-friendly. How can it be useful if it heals all opponents? o_O

At least, it could be useful for clearing out dungeons full of undead.

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Hello, I now have a time to write my opinion here. :D


I vote for ASI, Frost Fingers, Longstrider, and Fog Cloud at 1st level spells of Druids. Especially, I guess FF would be excellent choice for Druid. And, Longstrider seems to need something to distinguish this from Haste spell. Or, it may be good enough if it can be used with Haste/Improved Haste for faster movement speed.


Alicorn Lance and ASII for 2nd level spells as you mentioned.


For 3rd Level Spells, I'd like to say ASIII, Greater Magic Fang (it should need indeed), Quillfire, and Icelance are good for 4th level spells because IceStorm already did same thing what Spike Growth would do, i.e., AOE slow+damage. However, since Druid already has a MMM-like spell, Magic Stone Quillfire may not fit for additional spell.


And I agree with demi that Greater Magic Fang's effects grant +2 at higher levels.


Next, 4th Level Spells. I think Striking/Smashing Wave and Thorns Spary are the best choices.


5th Level Spells, I prefer Animal Growth, Animal Rage, and Conjure Lesser Elemental.


I need more time to think about 6~7 level spells... Mmm...

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I'll keep writing about 6~7 level spells for Druids.


6th Level Spells

I picked Stonehold, Tortoise Shell, and Whirlwind. I would need to attach some opinions...



From the point of view of implementation, this spell should be party friendly thing and disturb opponent's mobilities by "grasping their foot". So the "grasping" effect would be similar to entangle effect, i.e., giving some penalty to their AC and marking time, rather than holding effect, i.e., always being struck. In addtion, it should deal damage per round when the opponent are grasped. Furthermore, though I don't know it is implementable, I would like to say that this spell's damage type might be physical (crushing) and the hit dice might be calculated by AC instead of saving throws.


In summary, Stonehold may has the effects as follows:

  • AOE
  • Grasping effect (I want to add some additional effect in order to distinguish to entangle's effect, but I don't have good idea yet)
  • Continuous damage when the target is grasped.
  • Physical damage (So this spell would be effective to the opponent who has high magic resistance) and affect physically.
  • Party friendly

I don't like to add slow effect here... Mmm...


Tortoise Shell

I'd like to suggest this spell giving not only massive AC bonus but also physical resistance.


7th Level Spells

I picked Conjure Greater Elemental, Mist of Eldath, and Tsunami though Tsunami seems to be difficult to implement. :p

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I will only comment sporadically on some parts of the first post as I don't really use Divine Spells that much.


Searing Light

As some of you might already know, I'm suggesting this classic 3E spell for a simple reason, I want a good aligned spell to make up for Animate Dead being restricted to evil priests.

If the Create Undead spell line becomes incorporated into arcane spells, I suggest making these available to clerics with an evil/death-like domain. I'm not sure what your plans for Kit Revisions are, but I'd like it if there were many domain options (not necessarily many kits though, but I assume they'll go together). Similarly, the MS line could be made available to domains related to summoning etc. (In 3.5, I think all clerics had the full summon monster line available, but I know you prefer clerics to be light on summoning in general). Searing Light is perhaps more of a Lathander thing too?


Dimensional Anchor

This is a very situational spell, and I'm not 100% sure we need it, but as long as spells such as Teleport Field and Imprisonment (especially the latter) don't allow a save granting at least one spell to protect from them may not be a bad idea.


As a Divine spell, I think this has more merit if you can bother creating it. It will just "be there", however situational, in case you need it.


Protection from the Elements

Not really a new spell. I really don't know if this kind of spells is more appropriate for clerics (abjurations, wards) or druids (elements). Should clerics and/or druids get this spell?


In general, I think clerics/druids should be better at warding others (in particular) against different damage types, compared to arcane casters. So yes, they should get it IMO. And perhaps you will want to consider restricting some wizardly protections to self-only (but I know some people hate the same name spell doing different things for different casters at different levels etc. etc.)


Furthermore, 3E renamed AS into Summon Nature's Ally, which allows a wider selection of creatures (e.g. pixies, elementals, etc.), but considering we already have Call Woodland Beings for feys (Dryads will be added) and Conjure Elementals for elementals I think I'd vote to keep this spell "animal only".


Think you know how I feel about this - I think you should do a 1-7 line of Nature's Allys and a duration:concentration line of Elementals, ending with the HLA, and that should be the sum total of druid summoning (not counting insect swarms of course). I think it's important that these summon lines are varied, so not only melee tanks. A few casters (like the Nymph) is very appropriate IMO. (Similarly, the undead suite should have a nerfed mummy cleric or something IMO).

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I don't know if your still doing this, and I pray that you are, but as a primarily Druid player I have an opinion on a few of your suggested spells:


2nd Level


Alicorn Lance, for sure. That's a standard spell to use.



3rd Level


Spike Growth would be a great one. Another mod, SpellPack uses that, but it isn't very good. No, in fact, it's too good; along with good damage, it reduces movement speed for a full 24 hours even if you leave the area. I avoided using it there.


Quillfire is an interesting option. It can be done the way Thorn Spray is in SpellPack; it basically rapid-fires off darts at random baddies, more darts per level. They all did no more than 1-3 damage per dart, but it adds up - I can hit a single enemy with about 12, so your poison idea could work from that.



4th Level


Stone Growth. Eh, I'm also not in love. I've played IWD2, and it's basically a stronger, yet shorter lasting Spike Growth, with shorter radius. No point there


Thorn Spray. Now this was my favorite spell in IWD2. I pray that you decide to add this in the game, I really do, cone effect and all, even if it wasn't friendly-fireproof. Spellpack adds this in there, but eh, it's not too hot. . It's cool and all, but not the Thorn Spray I know and love.


Moonblade could be one that you didn't add. Spellpack offers it, and it's decent there, though I had to tweak it a bit to gain any use. Scambles magic when it hits, does decent damage, great against undead, and lasted one round per level, while also being enchanted. I love the idea of druids using magical elemental weapondry.



5th Level


Call Lightning Storm, I like it. That single random damage one is...cool, but I prefer a wider area of effect that can be used in tandem with Entangle.


Speaking of Entangle, I love how you made it more useful. My Druid is a plant user throughout, a Fighter/Druid of the forest. That said, at slightly higher levels, it's harder to effect things wiht it. I Near Infinitiy'd a -3 penalty for breath saves, and it seems to hit more often, without making it OP.



6th Level


Drown. Well, we do need more water based spells (suprised wizards get so few), but this seems difficult to implement.


7th Level


Poison Vines. Do it, man.


Would it be at all possible for you to add Animal Companions for Druids the way Wizards gain Familiars? I would love a litle hawk or bear I could send out to fight alongside me. It could make Magic Fang all the more useful.

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I've started making Druid Revisions Mod and the mod will include additional druidic spells and spell revisions.


I'd like to borrow the concepts/ideas from SRv4 so I'm now making several spells based on it.


I have a question... Does specific spell restrict the valid target? I want to implement Magic Fang spell which only affects summoned or charmed animals, but I can not know how to implement it correctly.


Thank you in advance!

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Strangely, I can't split the topic...


Use the 177th opcode. You need param1=2 and param2=3, to target the ANIMAL entry in GENERAL.IDS.

To affect only friendly targets, use an AoE projectile flagged as party-friendly. Should you find it complicated, there is INAREAPA.PRO (158th in the missile list) that answer your need.

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For level 6-7 of Druid. Doubles movement speed (and maybe attacks per round) of your allies for short duration (2 rounds?). Can't remember where I found it, but it was in some 3ed handbook. Seems cool, even if buffs aren't Druid's domain at all.


Creeping Cold

2nd level spell for both Druid and Mage. Nice spell for disruption that deals a bit of damage. Basically it deals n+1 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ...) damage per round starting with n=1 and finishing at 10. Lasts for 1 Turn.


Enflame/Enfrost Weapon

Way to make Flaming Blade not that boring. Blessings castable either at yourself or your allies that make target's weapon deal additional 1d2/1d4/1d6/1d8 damage from chosen element.


Delay Death

Makes character unable to drop below 1 Hit Point for short duration (1-4 rounds). 4th level spell.


Wrath of Faithful

+3 bonus to Attack Rolls and Damage Rolls, additional attack per round for all allies. 5th level spell.



Reduces resistance to physical damage. Level 5.



Druid's edition of Purge Invisibility.



My variation about the spell. It's Petrificiation with either slow or hold as secondary effect (if save is succesfull) that imitates being only partially turned into stone.

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One thought I had as I've been working on a sphere system is to maybe set up Aerial Servant as a summons for good clerics, and Gate for evil clerics.


The conundrum is, Aerial Servant is not strong enough for 7th level, and Gate is too strong for 6th level. Maybe just replace Gate with one of the lesser demon summoning spells? Maybe this is how Cacofiend could find a home within SR.


--> 6th level: Aerial Servant for good, Cacofiend for evil

--> Quest spell: Summon Deva for good, Gate for evil


(I say for the umpteenth time that the whole "evil deva" thing is just absurd.)

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