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New Divine Spells for v4

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Hi Demi,


I have been looking through this topic again, and I was wondering if you are still planning to implement some of the cool spells mentioned here. In particular I liked Frost Fingers and Tortoise Shell.


Are there still many spells left, that you want to include, but haven't implemented yet?

The next build will include a few new spells, but I mostly focusedon fixing stuff, rebalancing summons, and revising quite a few things. The list of changes has become much bigger than expected.


Must-have divine spells that I will add within 1-2 builds are:

- Icelance

- Striking Wave

- Whirlwind

I already have bams for them, but I still have to finish the work on the in-game animation for the first two.


Divine spells that I may add sooner or later:

- Frost Fingers

- Creeping Cold

- Lightning Storm

- Tortoise Shell (I have the animation for it, but not the icons)

- Mist of Eldath


As you can see, they are all for druids. LOL

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Suggestion for Devas and Planetars - have them memorize the Remove Paralysis spell. They already have Break Enchantment and Cure Disease, so this seems only natural (not to mention super useful!).

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