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Components compatybility.


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Hello. Today i decided to play BG1Tutu with some of your fine mods installed. I have some questions about compatibility of some components thou.


1. In bg2tweaks I've had installed "Alter Weapon Proficiency System" so now i have bg1 proficiencies + bg2

weapon styles. But in SCS there is a component called "More sensible choices of weapon proficiencies and kits for fighters" that alters weapon proficiencies of enemy fighters. Are these two compatible? Will SCS take into account changes made by bg2tweaks.


2. Also in bg2tweaks there is a component that ads some exotic weapons (katanas, scimitars...) but since its in the same mod then i assume it is fully compatibile with "Alter Weapon Proficiency System". Right?


3. I checked proper installation order on http://forums.gibber...?showtopic=8122 but it is 2 years old and stuff might have hanged since then.


Is this installation order correct and are there any other mods/tweaks/fixpacks that i need to install to avoid problems:


Bg1 and 2 (gog pre-pathed versions)

EasyTUTU conversion







Thank You.

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