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New spell icons for SR4


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WIth Demi's permission I'm going to attempt to create some original BAMs for the new spells in SR4. I'd invite everyone to cast a critical eye on these as I post them - no need to be polite, if you don't like them please say so! I'll leave for now icons which can be grabbed from other sources, and just do ones which need them. For spells with multiple versions I'll mark an asterisk on the most popular, but keep the others up for reference.


New Arcane spells (discussion here)

Fog cloud: post-4292-0-56484900-1339719360.png post-4292-0-45493100-1340279238.png post-4292-0-09714500-1339981412.png post-4292-0-16134100-1339981845.png post-4292-0-72640100-1340756469.png*


Ice Dagger: post-4292-0-90980000-1339981795.png post-4292-0-99071100-1339981428.png*


Monster Summoning 1-9: post-4292-0-72959300-1339985860.png post-4292-0-03373400-1339985915.png post-4292-0-49816000-1339985940.png post-4292-0-68965700-1339985956.png post-4292-0-26789800-1339985970.png post-4292-0-25098400-1339985990.png post-4292-0-09602300-1339986000.png post-4292-0-99346300-1339986011.png post-4292-0-32394100-1339986034.png


Conjure Elementals 1-3: post-4292-0-77703300-1340022839.png post-4292-0-00514600-1340022852.png post-4292-0-30265800-1340022930.png


Dimension Step, Dimension Door: post-4292-0-84696400-1340279441.png post-4292-0-27763600-1340279468.png


Gedlee's Electric Loop: post-4292-0-90434800-1340279507.png


Snilloc's Snowball Swarm: post-4292-0-57279400-1340279533.png post-4292-0-55685500-1342191513.png


Icelance: post-4292-0-28568000-1340279559.png post-4292-0-15204800-1342191462.png


Phantasmal Killer: post-4292-0-39617600-1340756556.png post-4292-0-04680000-1340792161.png post-4292-0-84103100-1340838605.png


Vitriolic Sphere: post-4292-0-65291800-1340756604.png post-4292-0-92522700-1340855416.png* post-4292-0-21743500-1340857831.png


Alternate Spook (based on IWD2): post-4292-0-19918400-1340840956.png:


Battering Ram: post-4292-0-05119300-1340925318.png



New Divine Spells (discussion here)


Regenerate wounds set (Light, moderate, serious, critical, regeneration, Mass Regen)

V1: post-4292-0-39921900-1340981676.png post-4292-0-67298300-1340981696.png post-4292-0-92644700-1340981729.png post-4292-0-74303500-1340981765.png post-4292-0-64733000-1340981790.png post-4292-0-76122400-1340981843.png

V2: post-4292-0-59176100-1342191565.png post-4292-0-70713500-1342191592.png post-4292-0-72135900-1342191613.png post-4292-0-55890300-1342191664.png post-4292-0-40296000-1342191713.png post-4292-0-84340200-1342192208.png

V3: post-4292-0-09764700-1342192252.png post-4292-0-90851200-1342192273.png post-4292-0-61258200-1342192303.png post-4292-0-14948700-1342192335.png post-4292-0-16375400-1342192410.png post-4292-0-17795300-1342192380.png

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I will be your critical eye, for sure. To start, I will say that the handle on the ice dagger is too far into the shadowing, making it look like it is not scribed onto the page.

Fog cloud is fine, but I am not sure the little stick man needs to be there. It could just have some shading in its place. Is the little stick dude present in other spell icons?

I think the swirlies at the tip of the ice dagger don't say "cold" enough. They are not particularly reminiscent of ice to me at all.

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I like the fog cloud one's concept but I'd have a completely different cloud around the stick man to make its look more unique, like a swirling, dotted mist.


About Ice Dagger: I would replace the swirlies at the tips (which don't really suggest anything ice-related) with the snow symbol (http://www.google.se/imgres?imgurl=http://i.istockimg.com/file_thumbview_approve/375654/2/stock-photo-375654-snow-symbol.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-photo-375654-snow-symbol.php&h=380&w=380&sz=43&tbnid=VxF6JCMmxn_JbM:&tbnh=90&tbnw=90&zoom=1&usg=__wQ96yoO7EjhnZkWViRkYesmtR7A=&docid=1Yk-BsVFYHFPuM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=U8LaT7bGO_T64QSOtuCTCg&ved=0CGYQ9QEwAA&dur=605)

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First of all, I'd like to officially thank you for helping me and Arda on this matter, it's truly appreciated. :)


That being said, the first thing I notice is that you've done a great job with the color pattern. Believe me, back then when we were working on the few new V3 bams we had serious troubles reproducing the very same tone of red. :D


Fog Cloud: I feel as Kalindor, I like the concept, but for some reason the little man seems strange. What about replacing it with a smaller version of Blindness's icon? Or what about a modified version of Infravision/True Strike's little head with a X over it? Mmm...


Ice Dagger: as Kalindor says, put the dagger in a more central position, than if it's not too much hassle I indeed agree with Salk, add even a single classic snow icon either in the top left corner or bottom right one, and it will be perfect.


P.S @Pacek, I'll send you a PM with the full list of required bams asap. ;)

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I've put some more designs up (on first post), still just Fog Cloud and Ice Dagger.

Just on the swirlies around the dagger, I agree they don't say "cold", but look here at chill touch icon: SPWI117A0.bmp

Demi, the colour actually still needs some work, I should get that sorted before I go further.


I guess I'll do some Monster Summoning next!


EDIT: Monster Summoning up.

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Pacek, good work on the alternate versions!


I am of course satisfied with the rightmost icon for Fog Cloud as it's exactly what I had in mind.


Same thing for Ice Dagger. Good work there as well.


And for the MS, you managed to keep it consistent with the original style.


Thanks for your work!

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Great job. For Fog Cloud I like the 2nd one from the left the most, shortly followed by the one with the mini-blindness icon within it, I don't like the 4th one instead. Ice Dagger's new one is simply perfect imo. Regarding Chill Touch, I'd like to point out that it's not an ice/cold based spell, it should deal negative energy damage, not cold damage (I guess developers used the latter because it seemed fitting, and incidentally all undead are immune to cold dmg too, making the spell behave almost as it should in PnP).


MSIV to MIX icons are fine. I knew those were going to be easy for you, I'm more curious to see the similar work for Conjure Elementals spells. ;)

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Updated original post with a version of Conjure Elemental spells.


@ Salk I think I am with Demi here and my fav for Fog Cloud is the second from left. I might just tweak that one a bit. As for the one with the blindnss icon in the centre, I have decided I'm against designs which seem to explicity state their effects - what if you were to change it once more?

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