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clerics and lost spells


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This is probably a long shot, since my other two threads have gone unanswered and the only actual activity on this board lately has been my own, but...


Is there a listing of what spells each cleric loses? I know the sphere access is listed, but I haven't been able to find an explicit listing of "clerics of oghma lose this, clerics of cyric lose that..."


If you don't know, but you're a "regular" here, it's fine if you post that. At least then I'll know that there's actual life on this board and whether its worth spending time on this board/mod. Thanks.

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It's in one of the pinned topics, either DR Overview of List of Cleric Spell Changes. There's also a spreadsheet (if it's still linked) in one of those topics that gives exact details for every kit that's pretty handy. It's all "by the book" i.e. 2nd ed. Faiths & Avatars etc. It's a good implementation but is somewhat limited - what the mod really needs is to implement new spells from 2nd ed. like those in the Time sphere and many others, rather than just take away spell spheres from kits.

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