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Watcher's keep randomized maze

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YAKMAAAAAN! Yakman yakman yakman yakmaaaaaaaaaaaan; I'm going completly yakman running in circles for almost 2 hours.


I've found in the readme there are 3 possibleways for the maze to be randomized, would you mind disclosing them please? Or if you do mind, perhaps a private message?

It's driving me yakman even with taking notes, I reached the Demon wraith with the deadly traps only once and I guess I took a wrong portal there, but that was only after clicking random portals for 10 minutes... And I've got a (apparently) timed quest on this floor from The Longer Road :mad:




Thanks for any help or hint. I'm going back into that hellhole!

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Thanks a lot! I should find my way out now :D


EDIT : Hmmm I believe another mod was meddling with the portals, probably The Longer Road. I managed to reach the end but then that mod required me to head back to start, which I did, and then the same portals didn't lead to the same place :rolleyes: Ended up Mov[ing]ToArea("AR3015") before the Yakmania got me.


EDIT2 : Nvm about The Longer Road... Maybe I don't understand the randomization process. Sometimes I would get a FadeToBlack upon entering an area, does that trigger more randomization between the various maze[x].2da?

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No, the randomization is a once-off process (it happens at install time, iirc). Having said that, I have no idea how Longer Road works, and it's entirely possible it's not compatible with this SCS component.

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