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The infamous 'can't find dialog.tlk' error


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I downloaded a mod not from here, because sadly G3 doesn't have an evil thief npc for BG2. Anyway, downloaded it, copied, extracted it, and when trying to run the set up exe, I get the can't find dialog.tlk' error. Now I know this mod works, I had it several computers ago. I am on Windows 7, but everything's in an appropraite file, not the program files, ran as administrator, and already have two other working mods on BG2. What am I doing wrong? :mad:

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Quite likely it extracts to one folder deeper than you expect it to - if you PM me the name of the mod, I will take a look at the package and see what the trouble is. I probably have a copy, and if I don't, I am going to want one.

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No worries - the mod is packed up fine, and been in the field for a long time, and it is from PPG - 'nuff said!


So, the problem may be in the way your "unpecker of .zip" program extracted it. The safest way to check is to delete the extracted stuff and start over from the unpacker.


First, go to your BG2 game directory and make sure there is a dialog.tlk, and some wierd hitch hasn't set it aside. Second, make sure the User Account Control is suspended (if on windows) so the the OS stops trying to protect your game from evil vicious mods... and then finally, unpack the mod to your desktop. It should end up as a folder titled




The contents of the folder should look like this:




Now go to your game directory, and copy all three of those items into that main game folder, looking something like this:




and run the setup from there. It should find the dialog.tlk fine and you should be good to go.


If it doesn't, then check your permissions on the game folder and on the mod itself, and make sure you aren't locked out somewhere.


My bet though, is an accidental miscopy, where if you go to your game folder you will find that the folder "alassa_v2" is in the game directory, and the three necessary items are within that subfolder, one layer out of reach! (I know this from my own occasional doing exactly the same thing).

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