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I recently got this great deal from Atari: all BG/IWD games + ToEE. I was thinking I would try to resurrect the mod in what ever version I had to see where it was. I'm starting to remember some of the serious issues.


IIRC, the conversion work would require a lot of "by hand" AI scripting and re-designing of characters and even some areas. I am interested in useful tools for doing this work, but I did get bogged down in doing the redesign.



Anyway, I'm interested in looking again to see where I left off with this so long ago. With a clear vision of what's needed to complete this mod, I might be able to assess whether there's any chance of getting it done.

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This was a conversion of IWD1 to the IWD2 engine, right? There's another effort to convert it to the BG2 engine, but it needs some work as well. Not sure of the relative advantages of one vs. the other, but would be interested to hear more about it if anyone has opinions.

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Farmboy0: This project never got past Alpha/Beta stage. It is possible to play and get through Valley of Shadows iirc, and the Lost Temple was unplayable. The reason was that creatures was automatically converted by the code, which made most monsters ridiculously strong.


Essentially, you can play what used to be the IWD1 demo using this, and no further.


And nope, the project hasn't been worked on for years now.

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